Friday, 12 October 2012

I've just discovered Photoshop guys

Guys. GUYS. I've just discovered Photoshop. Just look how I transformed this seemingly bland photo...

Into this cool, thoughtful, provocative photo...

Oh yeah. And the layers in this bad boy. I hued and saturated it like you wouldn't believe.

Ok, so this technology has been around for ages but seriously, I only thought that super computer geeks (read my younger brother) could maneuver this thing. But DUDE. SO CAN I! Granted this photo took me a half hour to manipulate, but pretty soon I'll be conversing about channel mixer presets (?) and vanishing points (?) with the rest of them.

P.S Dave took this photo at this crazy record store in Kingston that his dad used to frequent when he was in college. It honestly was like stepping into an episode of hoarders!

1 comment:

  1. Great Scott! This photo appears to be a lonely girl standing among mounds of carelessly organized used music albums from previous generations, but upon deeper inspection a much more sinister message begins to emerge. I wish I had more time to explain but the fate of the McFly family demands immediate action! I must go back into the past and save the Clock Tower!


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