Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Library Haul (because I am too cheap to buy books)

Does anyone else get a thrill from going to the library? I still remember when my parents would take my brother and I to the library when we were younger and we were only allowed to get 3 books each and I thought this was so stingy.  3 books? That's IT?! I would always beg to get more, but my parents rarely budged. (This may or may not have to do with me always forgetting where I put my library books. Dave can speak to this today) Well now that I am all grown up I can take out as many books as I want! This still brings me great delight. Here's what I got today:

and my absolute favourite...

I read this last one in the bathtub when I got home. Sure it's a kid's book, but you're really missing out if you're too *ahem* grown up to read kid's books. A) you can say you read a whole book in 10 minutes and B) it has pictures. Enough said.

Do you still go to the library?

Confession: one time I had an $85 fine at the library and I was so ashamed and humiliated that I gave my mum my debit card and she went up to the librarian's desk and pretended it was her fine and she paid it off for me. I hid behind a bookshelf and watched the transaction.

My mum is pretty awesome.

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