Friday, 30 November 2012

23 before 24

Have you ever done a 23 before 24 type of list? It's kind of like a new years resolution that you do on your birthday to accomplish before your next.  Or rather a big list of things you want to do before next year. I was looking through my journal the other day and came across my list, want to have a look?

1) Start a blog (done!)

2) Try a martini (done! and ew! I'm not as classy as I'd hoped I'd be)

3) Make a souffle

4) Read more kid's books (done!)

5) Buy more kid's books

6) Knit something (almost done!)

7) See a symphony (done!)

8) Go to a show in town

9) Try a new local restaurant

10) Finish a journal and start a new one (almost there!)

11) Throw a party (new years, perhaps?)

12) Get a new haircut, with bangs (done!)

13) Go rock climbing

14) Master a yoga pose (does child's pose count?)

15) Actually attempt skating

16) Spend more time outside, especially in the winter

17) Go to London, France, and Italy (more on this later)

18) Not eat any kind of diet food (this was rather easy)

19) Take more pictures (ongoing)

20) Start a craft club/night (done!)

21) Go to the library on a regular basis (done!)

22) Disconnect the cable and TV (done-ish)

23) Sew something that I can wear, in public (done!)

24) Go for a walk with Dave and Gus everyday

So as you can see, there are definitely a lot more I hope to cross off before the year is up. Can you imagine what this will look like when I'm 40? Or 80? Would you ever make a list like this? And actually stick to it?

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