Sunday, 25 November 2012

Homemade Bath Salts

So for craft night this week we decided to do...Bath Salts! Perhaps I should say Epsom Salts instead? Who knows, maybe this will be my most popular post yet! Anyway this one was very very easy and I had pretty much all of the supplies on hand already. Here's what you would need:

Epsom salts, a few jars, essential oils, food colouring, and some glitter if you're feeling a little gaudy (as I often do).

Add some essential oils (we added sweet almond and cinnamon oil),some food colouring, and some glitter.

Put the lid on and shake that baby up! Who knew bath salts could make a person so happy and not crazy?!

Well that's pretty much it. I should mention that it's a little easier to put the salts and mixers in a plastic ziploc bag to mix them up. Just make sure not to get too happy with the bag or you'll end up with it all over the floor. In about an hour we concocted 5 different varieties and had glitter and bath salts everywhere.

The flavours we made were birthday cake (blue), mint (green), pink grapefruit (pink), sweet almond (yellow), and cinnamon (red). I used some of the cinnamon last night and it turned by bath water a lovely shade a pink but the glitter floated around in rather large, unappealing clumps. And stuck to the tub after I drained it. Oh dear. Well that's the price you pay sometimes for being a bit fancy.

Speaking of craft night, I'm excited because in the new year our crafty duo will be expanding into a...thrio? ...triforce? Oh man, I'm totally blanking on what the 3 one is. Anyway my friend Katherine is going to be joining us and is going to let us get our craft on at her new house!  She's a big sewer so hopefully we can expand to some fabric type crafts in the future? Can't wait!



  1. hahaha i was going to tell you "trio" but you figured it out on your own!!!! Love your blog Nat!!!

  2. Your updates are so fun to read! Sorry to hear the glitters weren't all that. Keep crafting!


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