Monday, 19 November 2012

Library Haul

So I was planning on going back to hot yoga tonight (I haven't been for awhile since I got sick) buuuuut I decided I'd rather go to the library. I'm a bit of a flip-flopper. Anyway here's what I grabbed:

Did you know during WWII Freud was granted an exit visa and allowed to list the people to take with him and he didn't bring any of his sisters? He brought his dog and maid, but left his sisters for the concentration camps. Whaaaaat? Then again, this is according to a historical fiction novel. I tend to read a lot of historical fictions and then assume that's what history was really like. Which is probably why I think Anne Boleyn was a horny vixen, and King Henry was tall and attractive (thank you Phillipa Gregory).

I'm not gonna lie, I grabbed this one for the cover, it looked so cozy!

Tis the season for bake sales!

And because I'm babysitting tomorrow...

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