Monday, 17 December 2012

Be My Friend: Poppy


This is Poppy. Unfortunately she is not a real person. *sigh*

Have you ever seen Happy Go Lucky? One of my favourite favourite movies! It's about this girl who is extremely outgoing and optimistic. That's pretty much it. Well, she does learn to drive from a crazy person, but really the focus is about how awesome she is. I feel like if she were an actual person, we could be great friends :)

Things I love about Poppy:

  • She is extremely friendly to everyone she meets, even those who are obviously annoyed with her

  • She wears the same old boots everyday, with every outfit

  • When her beloved bike gets stolen she laughs and says "right then" (or something to that effect) and walks home instead

  • She wears bright quirky clothes

  • She acts out what people are saying to her in conversation

  • She randomly tries new things, like salsa dancing classes

  • When she gets drunk, she pulls the "chicken fillets" out of her bra and throws them at people

Yes, I think we would be great friends indeed! Do you ever watch movies and know that a certain character and yourself would be AWESOME friends?

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