Sunday, 13 January 2013

DIY Stretched Fabric Canvas


So last week was our first ever craft night at my friend Katherine's. Not only does her place have waaaaay more space, but she has an adorable baby that we play with while waiting for glue to dry/ our turn with the hardware. This week we made stretched fabric over canvas (I really wish I had a better sounding way to describe this, but that's really all it is). This one was pretty easy if you have the right tools. We didn't but it worked out all right in the end.


  • canvas (the kind that has a wood frame that the canvas is stretched over)

  • fabric that is large enough to fit over the sides of your canvas

  • spray adhesive

  • staple gun (we didn't have one, so we used small nails and a hammer)


Take your canvas and spray it with the adhesive. Lay your fabric on the glue and smooth it down so there are no wrinkles or anything. Let it dry for a few minutes. Then you just pull the fabric tight and staple it to the back of the canvas on the wood frame. If you don't have a staple gun, just use 2 nails per side to secure the fabric. Trim the excess fabric off the back and you're done!

I really meant to take photos of the whole process, but like I said, Katherine has a really cute baby so I played with him instead of taking photos. Oops! Here are some of the ones I made though and hung up in my apartment...

IMG_1438 IMG_1441A really good place to get small pieces of fabric for this one is Walmart. I found all of my fabric for this project there and each was only $1.97. Score! This is also a good way to use any of those paintings that may not have turned out the way you wanted them to. Just cover that baby up with fabric and it looks much better!


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