Wednesday, 23 January 2013

To Do: France Edition

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I'm off to London and France with Dave and my brother Ty in May. No big deal or anything (!!!) I can finally venture outside of North America and feel a little more adventurous. We've been saving and planning for this trip for about 2 years now and we've just got our flights and apartments booked so it feels like we're actually going now. Here are a few places I'm very eager to see in France which oddly all coincide with some of my favourite movies/books...

Ah Versailles! I was obsessed with the movie Marie Antoinette in high school  You should really watch it, it's such a pretty movie. It'll make you crave macarons, champagne and meadows afterwards. (This could just be me though) If I'm not mistaken, I believe the whole movie was filmed on/in the actual palace which is GORGEOUS. I'm super pumped to check out the gardens and especially Marie Antoinette's little cottage (left). Untitled-5

This is where we're staying while in Paris. And it's also where most of Amelie was filmed. Another favourite movie of mine!  I'm not gonna lie, I will for sure be one of those people who want to check out every place where Amelie was filmed. I even found this cool site where they have a "In the Footsteps of Amelie" tour.  Swoon! Can't wait!

Provence has been somewhere I've wanted to visit ever since I read A Good Year by Peter Mayle  (and then saw the movie with Russel Crowe). Peter Mayle writes a lot of fiction that is set in Provence and I was instantly in love. Country markets, wine and rolling hills? Um, yes please!

Needless to say I am tres excited (that's all high school french has given me sadly). I'm looking forward to being touristy, getting lost, and smiling at everyone I see (which apparently a no-no in France). Are there any places in France you'd recommend seeing?

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