Monday, 27 May 2013

Adventure in Gardening


This spring my mum and I signed up for a community garden plot. There are quite a few community gardens in the area but they seem to fill up so quickly every year. We found a relatively newer one and they are renting out the plots for free this year! So we each grabbed our own. The garden area itself is kind of in a random field near downtown and you have to walk through tall grass to find it, but I love it! It has a little shed complete with a wheelbarrow, watering cans and shovels, and there are giant piles of dirt and mulch to take from.

My mum went to the opening gardening day while I was on vacation and she said it's a total crunchy crowd. My family is slightly mystified and weirded out by any kind of hippies, but I'm pumped to let my crunchy flag fly high!  I secretly would love to live on a commune and be a vegan. Much to my parent's horror :p

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This weekend we planted beets, cabbage, kale, herbs, peas, tomatoes, a whole bunch of stuff. Can't wait to spend some time here this summer!

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