Sunday, 26 May 2013



It really truly pains me to even write this, but I was rather disappointed in Paris. Granted, I did sprain my ankle at Versailles, and then got the flu pretty bad, but I didn't fall in love with the place like I thought I would. When I think of Paris I always imagine movies like Amelie and Midnight in Paris (two of my favourite movies), but alas, Paris overall is not really like that. I found Paris to be a city of contrasts, either very beautiful or (dare I say it?) ugly, never in between.


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My favourite part of Paris was definitely the Palace of Versailles (even with a sprained ankle!). I couldn't believe how vast the place was, like its own world! There were fields of sheep and cattle, cobble stone lined streets, little villages, and the gardens, oh my gosh. The gardens were more like manicured forests, so beautiful.

Although it didn't live up to my rather high expectations, I'm still glad I got to see Paris for myself. Now I am looking forward to staying closer to home for the next few months :)


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  1. What beautiful pictures! Looking forward to seeing more!
    Glad you're home too :)


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