Monday, 5 August 2013

3 Simple Goals: August

IMG_1112739Summer is almost done! Ack! Here are a few goals I have for August.

1) Eat at the table.

We recently sanded, stained and re-finished our kitchen table so had been eating elsewhere in the apartment for the past few weeks. I always feel a bit guilty when we don't eat at the table, and I eat without really being mindful of my food. Besides, eating at the table makes food taste better. Now we're back to table set, cloth napkins out, the whole shebang!

2) Carry camera all the time.

This one's a bit trickier as I don't have a good camera case to travel around with me, but I always find that when I'm out and about sans camera I seem to find so many camera-worthy moments that I miss. My XL purse will have to do for now!

3) Bake something every weekend.

I really like the idea of baking bread and a treat for the upcoming week. This would be a great habit to start for back to work.

Do you have any goals this month?

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