Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Go To Salad

IMG_5231I think a lot of people have a salad they make over and over again. When Dave and I first moved in together that consisted of a bag of salad with bottled dressing, and maybe some croutons if I was trying to impress him. Now I like to think I've matured quite a bit since then and therefore this is now our go to salad. I'm pretty sure I found this over at What Katie Ate a long time ago, but I do remember looking at the recipe and not being overly impressed. The fact that it only had 4 ingredients is what really got me, so we decided to try it one day. Oh man. We both took a bite and looked at each other saying "Whoa, this is amazing!" I was so impressed I immediately made it for my foodie brother the next day and he too was really impressed. What I'm getting at is this salad is REALLY GOOD and SIMPLE. As in make it for people and bask in the compliments.

Rocket Salad


  • baby arugula

  • pine nuts or any nuts you have on hand (You can get pine nuts in the baking aisle at Freshco for $4.99)

  • parm

  • balsamic vinegar

  • fresh cracked pepper

Make It

  1. Dump your arugula into a serving bowl

  2. Lightly toast the nuts in a frying pan until slightly browned (I constantly forget about mine and burn them, don't forget about them!) set aside to cool

  3. Shave some parm over the greens, top with cooled nuts, sprinkle on some pepper, and drizzle about 2-4 tbsp of balsamic vinegar over it. Toss and serveIMG_5229

This salad always looks a bit dry, likes it needs more dressing, but make sure you taste it first before adding more vinegar, as balsamic has a very strong taste.


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