Thursday, 3 October 2013

Restaurant Nachos

IMG_5174Between high school and college I worked at a classy restaurant called Hannah's Bella Bistro and Tapas Bar (it's since closed). I was only there for a year but I remember it being a really great time in my life, food-wise. I remember my first night as a hostess where I was given the tour of the kitchen and realized that they made different kinds of bread in house, every night. That totally blew my mind! People actually take the time to make different bread, everyday?? I totally credit that place for getting me interested in cooking and good quality food the way I am today. I remember that it was so inspiring to be around people who just loved food, loved talking about it, loved eating it. And it wasn't just the chefs, the wait staff were all obsessed with it too. In fact a lot of them ended up branching out into their own restaurants /food trucks. (Check them out here: Nick & Nat, Carly & Chris

Anyway I could talk forever about my year there but let's get to the nachos! Now these probably aren't the exact same ones the Tapas Bar made but I distinctly remember olives, feta, peppers and tomatoes. I also remember that they were only ever served with sour cream. Which is weird right?

Restaurant Nachos


  • nacho chips

  • sharp cheddar, shredded

  • feta

  • sliced green olives

  • diced red peppers

  • diced tomato

Make It

Come on guys, they're nachos. Fool proof!


I chopped up some avocado, onion and added garlic salt, pepper, lime and hot sauce as a side along with salsa my brother and mum made. But you can use whatever you want for dipping. Also, side note: you know what's really good on nachos? Arugula. After they're cooked, toss some arugula on top and it's awesome, just trust me.


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