Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Cost of Pregnancy (so far)

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So I'm about halfway through this baby growing process and thought I'd share what we've found so far in terms of how much it's costing us. When we started planning for this baby we heard countless people tell us the typical "GAH BABIES ARE SO EXPENSIVE ARE YOU CRAZY?!" thing. Many (well meaning) people thought because we are relatively young and really just starting out in our careers that this would be a bad idea. Anyway I won't get into that too much because, well, here I am pregnant! Dave and I knew going into this that we wanted to try to keep expenses down as much as possible and go for the whole "minimalist baby" thing, which means different things to different people.  To us it means buying only the basics and trying really heard not to accumulate too much baby stuff, especially since we live in such a small space.  We want the focus to be more on the experiences we can provide our baby rather than the "things". 

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What We've Dished Money Out For (so far)


I know a lot of people get really into prenatal fitness classes and all-organic eating when they're pregnant, but let's be honest, that adds up and is easier said than done. I had been doing hot yoga before getting pregnant and had initially thought I would continue with a prenatal yoga class, but holy smokes they're expensive! I'm talking $15-20 a class expensive! My job keeps me pretty active during the day so instead I've been focusing on going for longer daily walks with Dave and Gus with some stretching/yoga poses at home. Bonus: it's free!


With food cravings have come many more dinners out recently, but we've worked this cost into our personal spending budget so it doesn't come out of the bank.  We've cut down on meat just because it's more expensive and have instead used that money to buy more fruits and vegetables (organic when we can).


The only thing I feel like I've had to buy so far is some maternity clothes (ugh, what an ugly term right?). I'm not gonna lie, I thought I'd be one of those people who would just find ways to wear what I already had in my closet for the whole pregnancy. HA! I realized after month 3 that that was not going to happen. Maternity clothes can be pricey, but if you buy them second hand you can save so much. A friend at work told me about looking on Kijiji and I scored about 12 tops and a pair of pants (all from H&M maternity and super cute) for $50.  I also had to buy some new er, undergarments, as things there are expanding at an alarming rate.

Preparation Classes etc.

In terms of prenatal classes, we lucked out as our Midwife Centre provides a program in conjunction with our midwife appointments, and it's all covered! Score! Other than some prenatal vitamins (which you can get a free prescription for at Sobey's ) that's all I've had to dish out above and beyond our regular expenses.

I know down the line we'll have to spend more money on this baby, but for now we're trying to set up some good budget habits so when the baby does finally show up, it won't put too much of  a financial strain on us.

What do you think, do we sound like naive first-time parents? Or can a baby on a budget really work?


  1. It can work! We have four kids and now five grandchildren. All bought and paid for at very low budgets! The hardest thing I think is the Peer pressure - you really don't have to have everything on the market - loving and caring and teaching your kids to be loving and caring is plenty! I wish you well. cate b

  2. You bet it can be done. Babies need to be loved and that doesn't cost a thing!


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