Monday, 6 January 2014

(Peanut Butter + Chocolate + Honey) Sundae Sauce

IMG_5669I'm back! The past two weeks have been incredibly wonderful, busy and stressful.

Wonderful because we are now fully moved and settled in our new apartment! We spent the holidays working like mad getting shelves and art up so it would feel homey before we went back to work. If this is what nesting feels like, then I've got it pretty hardcore. I can totally see our soon-to-be little family fitting nicely in here.

Busy because we had so many family gatherings to go to on top of moving. I think between both of our families we had a total of 5 get togethers. Oh man!

And lastly stressful because of Gus. Our poor stressed out puppy dog. To make a very long story short, Gus is taking some time adjusting to the new sounds, people and surroundings of the new place and has been a bit antsy and jumpy lately. (Aka has been barking at every single little sound he hears) And our landlord has not been pleased. We're confident he just needs some time to adjust but have been rather frustrated with his antics lately.

Anyway with stress and pregnancy cravings comes SUNDAE SAUCE! That you can whip up and eat within minutes, which I did, twice last week.


(Peanut Butter + Chocolate + Honey) Sundae Sauce

* I'm not gonna lie, I really didn't measure this at all when I made it, these are just guidelines 


  • 1/2 cup(ish) peanut butter

  • 1 bar of chocolate chopped

  • 2 tbsp(ish) of honey

  • 1/4-1/2 cup of heavy cream

  • pinch of sea salt

Make It

1) Put everything in a small pot and cook it over medium low heat until it all melts together and makes a sauce. Whisk it often.

2) Pour it over some ice cream (I had vanilla in the freezer) and top with peanuts or if you're like me, with some leftover christmas chocolates.

This sauce is ridiculously addictive. I made it when Dave wasn't home so I could eat rather large amounts and not have say "oh let's save the rest for tomo".

Hope your holidays were great!

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