Monday, 10 February 2014

Easy (& Cheap!) Flower Arrangements

IMG_5891 copy

I love me some fresh flowers. Especially during the winter where everything is kinda dead and dismal outside. The only thing is, flowers can get expensive especially for something that doesn't last very long. I've recently found a stall at the market though that sells small bouquets for only $4 or 3 bouquets for $10. Now that I can afford! And when it comes to vases, I just use whatever I have lying around that will work. Traditional vases I find are rather large and bulky, and take up a lot of storage space when you're not using them (which is a lot of the time). This week I used a brandy glass (that's a brandy glass right?) an oil bottle, and some cool bottles I thrifted a while back. Then  I placed them here and there throughout the apartment. Not bad for $4 right?IMG_5894 copyIMG_5897 copy

IMG_5895 copy

P.S Aren't these woodland animals awesome? I found them at Dollarama!

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  1. Very near to add some life and colour during the winter.


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