Monday, 26 May 2014

Can't Live Without: Baby Edition

For the first few weeks after Iris was born, we were spoiled. Our parents would bring us food, take Gus for a walk, do our dishes, clean the bathroom, it was such an incredible help (thanks moms & dads!). Well now Dave and I have to start figuring this stuff out for ourselves (reality!) and were kinda surprised at how difficult it is to get anything done while holding/feeding a baby 24/7. At first we would try to load the dishwasher or eat while she napped, but you can't really count on a baby staying asleep for a set period of time. 

So I took some of the baby money we received and semi-splurged on a Solly Baby Wrap. Which is pretty much a thinner, and more lightweight (and if we're being honest, trendier) version of the Moby Wrap. Oh man. We. Love. This. Thing. You wrap it around yourself, pop the baby in it and you suddenly have arms again. Arms that can eat a meal with both hands! That can apply mascara with accuracy! And that can attack those chores that your parents were doing for you before! 

Seriously though, this thing is a lifesaver. It feels like being pregnant again (in a good way) and Iris instantly conks out when we put her in it. If you know someone who's having a baby I would totally recommend picking one up for them.

Also, I'm sorry for the baby-heavy content lately. I promise I have other interests still :p

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