Friday, 25 July 2014

The Elusive French Macaron

Oh man, the macaroon macaron. I first got into these when we adventured in London and Paris and I was OBSESSED with visiting Laduree to get me some fancy macarons. I think we may have gone 3 separate times. And then at the airport store too to grab some for the plane ride. Needless to say, I'm hooked! Macarons (unfortunately) are notorious for being very difficult to make. I had attempted making these little guys a few times before but they always came out really crunchy. And if you've ever had a good macaron, you know that they should not resemble crackers.

I recently bought the french macaron crash course from ABM ($8!) and read up on the tips and tricks for how to achieve perfect macarons. Boy, was it specific! I had to go out and get myself a kitchen scale to carefully measure out each ingredient. Which apparently all europeans do anyway, but was totally foreign to me.

The first batch I'm happy to report came out AWESOME! The recipe from the course is kick ass. I'd include it here, but it's crazy long and detailed. If you're really interested in trying out french macarons I highly recommend the crash course, but here are a few tips I found really helpful:

  • age your egg whites in the fridge for a few days to help get rid of some of the moisture 
  • weigh out your dry ingredients, i was really surprised how much of a difference this made
  • process your ground almonds in a food processor and then sift out the larger chunks 

Would you ever try making a french macaron? No? lol It's ok, I don't blame you! But they sure are pretty huh?

Happy Weekend!

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