Tuesday, 7 October 2014

20 Cakes Project

So when I started my mat leave I envisioned myself being totally consumed by baby things, with no free time. This is what they tell you, no? I guess the first few months were like that, but lately I've been finding myself having a lot of free time during the day, whether Iris is napping or just playing by herself on the floor. And I hate to say it but I've been feeling rather bored.  And as Betty Draper says "only boring people are bored" so I needed to come up with something to remedy this, STAT.

Recently I read about Elise's 40 loaves project where she baked 40 different types of bread to overcome her bread baking fear. I immediately told Dave I too was going to bake 40 loaves of bread (!!) but he gently pointed out that that may be a bit too ambitious, and could I even think of 10 different types of bread? Hmm.

I have been on a bread making kick lately but I thought I'd tackle something that has always been super difficult for me: cakes. Cupcakes I feel totally comfortable with, but a whole cake, with layers and frosting? Gaaaah! It's so much harder! I have yet to make a cake that I was satisfied with. This will change! So hear me as I declare by the end of this project I will OWN this cake making business!

I'm not going to put a deadline on this because, well I do have a baby guys, and they don't always allow for strict plans. But I do hope to bake one every week/two weeks. I can totally do this!

So stay tuned for the first cake: Red Velvet Cheesecake!

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