Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Happy Mail Project Vol.1

So I've been thinking. I love receiving mail that is not bank statements or coupons. There's something very satisfying and wholesome about snail mail no? And I thought if I enjoy it so much, maybe other people would love it too? And wouldn't it be nice to give away my little nap time creations to people who may like them? I think yes!

The past few weeks during nap times I've been drawing and painting little family portraits like mad to send off in the mail. It's slightly addictive. Some people have requested one but others I've just created, hoping that when they received it it would make them happy.

What I love about this project? One, it's cheap. A stamp and some dollar store envelopes is really all I need. Two, it's way more fun to create something for another person rather than just for yourself. And three, sending off something in the mail to a unsuspecting recipient makes me do a little happy dance. I love it!

If you've requested a little portrait but haven't received it yet, have no fear it's on its way! The whole project is more or less baby-dependent (read: totally baby dependent).

I think this is something I want to keep going throughout the year. I think this will help keep me sane through the long winter at home.

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