Thursday, 11 December 2014

A New Adventure

My mat leave has been kind of amazing so far. Ok, the first few months may have been kind of a newborn blur but around the 4 months mark I really started loving being at home with Iris. For me, my mat leave has been a perfect opportunity to evaluate where I pictured my life going especially when it came to family and how I make money. My secret dream was always to have my own creative business. Own a cafe, do my own dessert catering, make things and sell them, I was never really sure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to create and hopefully make a little money with it (Dave and I both always knew that I would probably stay home while our babies are little).  

Quite recently (and rather unexpectedly) I started getting asked to take photos for a few families. And since then it has kind of snowballed into doing holiday photos, some head shots for business websites, and more family shoots. I'm not gonna lie, I had never thought that photography may be the creative outlet for me to make some extra money with! But I love it! 

I don't charge much at this point, almost nothing compared to real photographers, mostly because I am in no way a professional photographer and am still learning so much when it comes to my camera and how to get a good shot. But I also feel good about making family photos a little more accessible to the everyday family. Plus let's not lie, it is so lovely to have some (inexpensive!) great photos of yourself, am I right?

So who knows, maybe this will turn out to be my big creative thing? 

You can check out my photography facebook page here

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