Saturday, 28 February 2015

Cake #13 (Olive Oil Cake)

Dave's oldest brother Jesse and his girlfriend Kate are pretty much like our foodie soul mates. They are the ones who always suggest the coolest restaurants and always bring back the best cheeses and coffees from their adventures. This is the cake Kate makes once in a while and I always gush (somewhat dramatically) how amazing it is. I know what you're thinking "Ew, an olive oil cake?" but it's so delicious. The olive oil makes the cake super moist and it just has a hint of olive oil flavour. You can make it with or without icing, but I opted for no icing (then I can eat it for breakfast and not feel that bad). You should try this one.

This is the recipe Kate passed along to me.
I used dark aged rum and lime juice instead because that's what I had and it still tasted great.

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