Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Gaaaaah is there anything worse than the limbo that is packing and moving? I think not! Last year when we moved I was 6 months pregnant and therefore got out of any kind of heavy lifting (read: the entire packing and moving process) but now I'm back in the game with a baby in tow and things gotta get done! Here are some other things going on that are not moving related.

Reading: The Royal Spyness series. I used to think mystery novels were really cheesy, but I'm hooked on this series. It's my go-to bath reading.
Listening To: a lot of Louis Armstrong
Eating: Kimchi Fries
Watching: Call the Midwife. Oh man, this show! A lovely combo of babies, the 1950's and London.
Making: Nothing major at the moment, but I have been writing and mailing more letters lately.

So things will probably be a bit quiet around here for a bit as we move and settle in to our new home. Be back soon!

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