Monday, 13 April 2015

The House: Before

 I'm back! So I live in a house now, yay! I no longer have to share laundry, or listen to conversations the people who live above us are having! It's weird how you get used to living with ambient noise though, sleeping at night in a house is so quiet and strange.  Anyway I thought I'd share some "before" pictures as I can now see that I won't have any "after" photos to show for quite some time (unpacking and decorating with a very mobile baby just ain't happening!). These photos I took while the previous owner was still living there.

The Kitchen
The Plan: paint everything white, eventually renovate it to open up the walls, add more storage and larger appliances (we currently have an apartment size stove, figures!), perhaps make this table, add a hutch for more storage, lots of plants.

The Plan: Fence off the driveway so Gus can roam free, plant a small vegetable garden, maybe a few flowers, thrift some patio furniture. 

Iris' Bedroom
The Plan: Paint it white, pretty much keep it as similar as possible to her old room so she's not totally weirded out. 

Our Bedroom
The Plan: paint it white, make a headboard, thrift a wardrobe, hang some plants

Craft Room (heck yes!)
The Plan: Paint the paneling (you guessed it) white, add some inspiration boards, hang some garland from the unfinished ceiling, add a large table and chairs

Laundry Room
The Plan: erm....nothing really. It's the laundry room.

The Plan: eventually we want to move the TV down here and make this room a cozy den/playroom combo, plus I really want a hammock down here. Also needs a rug or something for the floor.

(Not pictured, the 3rd bedroom which we are pretty much just using as a storage room at the moment, nothing to see there! Also the living room, I forgot to take before pictures of that)

Well there you have it! Not too shabby right?! The previous owner was a total champ (he knew we were first time home buyers) and left us so much stuff like a BBQ, lawn mower, rakes, shovels, new smoke detecters, and even had the furnace checked for us before he left. So awesome!

We have a lot of work to do on this baby, but I'm pumped to keep working away on it when I can. Right now that's not a lot of the time but it'll get there eventually. Wish us luck!

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