Thursday, 28 May 2015

Iris' First Music Festival!

Music festivals are kind of a new thing for me. Dave on the other hand pretty much grew up at folky music festivals. His dad used to be in a band and played at a lot of those types of things during the summers (cool, right?!). About two years ago Dave and his fam took me to my first whole-weekend-festival (I think it was called Gentleman of the Road or something like that). It did not go well lol. I was 9 weeks pregnant at the time and super nauseous, tired and hormonal (read: a grouch) the whole time. PLUS my allergies had gotten really bad since I got pregnant and I ended up getting so congested and wheezy I had to wear Dave's uncle's sleep apnea mask to bed (Ha!).

Anyway, last weekend we headed to Toronto for the CBC Music Festival with Iris in tow. And surprise surprise, music festivals are a blast when you are not hormonal and nauseous! The festival itself was kid friendly (there were so many families there, it was great) so we weren't too worried about having her tag along.

We met up with Dave's oldest brother and his girlfriend there where Iris would either glance at them shyly from my lap, try to relieve them from all of their accessories (see above), or graciously give them handfuls of sand.

All in all, outdoor concerts are totally doable with a baby! We went into it with the idea that we'd stay for as long as we could and then would just head home. We stayed for about 3.5 hours before it got a little too chilly and Iris was starting to get sleepy. I didn't get to see all the bands I wanted too, but that's cool, we had such a great time and it was such a parenting ego boost like, "We are totally parents who take their kid to music festivals! We're awesome!".  What else can we drag this kid to next...?

random side note: doesn't Iris remind you of Eric from That 70's Show in the top photo?! 

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