Sunday, 7 June 2015

Cooking through Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food

New project alert!! So a few weeks back I found myself sitting in front of the local Zehrs drooling over the new Jamie Oliver cookbook with my dear friend Laura. We had met at the grocery store and were attempting to pick a recipe to cook for dinner and then shop for said recipe. One of us jokingly said "Oh man, these are all so good, we should just try to cook our way through this whole book" and the other one shouted "YES! We must do this!".  I think it's a bit of an understatement to say that Laura and I are both very excitable and (maybe a bit too) ambitious ladies. 

I may be a little crazy with this project but we're gonna do it! We are going to cook our way through Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food a la Julie/Julia Project. (Come on, you totally saw the movie and wished you could cook through a cookbook, don't lie!)

So we're gonna cook every single damn recipe. All in a month. HA kidding! We figure there are 100 recipes and if we do about 2-4 recipes per gathering (1 drink, 1 main course, 1 dessert) we can easily get this done by the time we're 30. Not too too ambitious I think. 

What I love about this project is that it'll force us out of our comfort cooking zones into things like homemade pasta (baaah my nemesis), organ meat (eeeeep!) and pies (no store bought crust! ack!).

The first recipe we made was Bun Cha Bowls. Which if you've ever been to a Vietnamese restaurant are those bowls with noodles, lots of fresh veggies and some sort of grilled or fried meat on top. This one was amazing. It's one of those recipes that you didn't even realize you could make yourself, that you thought could really only get at a restaurant. 

This is probably a bit sappy but there was a moment when Laura was goofily frying up the shrimp with a glass of wine in hand, Dave was on the kitchen floor playing with Iris and I was at the table chopping veggies, all while Bille Holiday was playing and I just knew it was one of those perfect moments. Like my life in that moment looked exactly what I always dreamed it would look like. I'm so looking forward to more of these gatherings! Ok, sap over! 

What do you think? Doable? Crazy? 


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