Sunday, 14 June 2015

Craft Night Club

So remember years ago when my friend and I had craft nights?  Well they were put on hold for a while when we moved into a small apartment and then had a baby. But now in the new house I have an entire room set aside just for crafting. Hooray! Craft night returns! Last week I had a few friends (and my mum!) over to try our hand at making these marbled clay dishes. I bought all the supplies and supplied the drinks (wine and cucumber water) and asked everyone to bring $10 and a snack. All of us have small kids (well except my mum who has one big big kid) and it was really nice to leave them with their men and have some baby-free time. 

What I love about hanging out with other moms is that even though we swear we will not talk about our kids, we really spend the whole night doing just that. We plan on expanding our little group (just a bit) and taking turns hosting every month. Next month my mum is hosting a pottery night as she has a studio with a potter's wheel and kiln! Cool huh? I would love love love to expand this into a larger group in the future because I know of so many cool ladies (mamas and not-mamas) who would probably really enjoy this. I think I'll have to have people over more often just to craft! It'll be like the new dinner party!

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