Friday, 24 July 2015

Living Room & Entrance (AFTER)

It's starting to feel like home around here! Awhile back I posted the before photos of our house but sadly forgot to take photos of the living room before we moved in. All you really need to know is that entire place was painted a dark dusty rose colour *shudder*. The blasted colour took 4 coats of white paint to cover too! Anyway, here are some photos of what it looks like now!

If I had to say what "style" we went for I guess it would be clean, simple, old + new. I really love the look of white, wood, and plants so there's a lot of those things too. One of my favourite things about decorating a new space is creating and finding the art. For the main wall I used a Vermeer print my friend bought me in Paris, a vintage cross-stitch (thrifted for $6!), a framed vintage valentine that belonged to Dave's grandmother, and a retro safety pamphlet (it reads: a clean house prevents fire!)

The black and gold couch was my Oma's for 40 years and she happily passed it on to us. A great thing about furniture from my Oma is that she covers everything in arm rest covers and blankets, so the couch looks brand new! 

We found our 1940's coffee table at a very strange warehouse for $30. I plan to finish the top still, but for now we're just using it as it is. As for the window, we removed the heavy drapes and added some dark grey panel curtains ($30 at Ikea) and strung up my favourite globe twinkle lights. It looks so much cozier than an overhead light at night. 

The buffet unit we scored from Dave's parents who were getting rid of it. I think they bought it before they got married. My hope chest was sitting at my parents house until we had room for it and I'm so happy to have a space for it at home now! It was my dad's grandmothers (I think) and he restored it for my 19th birthday. Above it I hang the key so I never have to worry about losing it.

I love having a kid, but I don't like having said kid's toys take over the entire house. That being said I like having a small area in the living room for Iris' toys and things.

This is my favourite little corner of the room! The chairs our old neighbours gave us when we bought our house. The little side table was another find from the warehouse store that we just cleaned up a bit. We keep a few Iris books in there that she can pull out. The shelf is actually just 2 of those dinky pine shelves from Ikea glued together and then stained, but it turned out so great! The vintage paint by number was from my grandparent's house which funnily enough is the most commented on thing in the whole room. The cigar box was from Dave's grandmother's house, and the wine bottle/candle holder was from when we got engaged. For candle holders, I just thrifted a whole bunch of old glasses and dishes. The fox pillow was handmade by my English pen pal, Frankie (she's very talented). 

I've always wanted a mudroom with a bench but alas that ain't happening in this place so instead I hung up our homemade hooks and sign. On the opposite wall I have the thrifted mirror (I just painted it white), some more safety pamphlets (I thrifted a bag of them for $1!), a family portrait I painted a while back, and a letter N block (painted black).

I feel like things are starting to come together! I always thought furnishing a new house would cost so much money but we actually only spent about $120 on everything, crazy right?! I love how we have so much family history built into here, whether it be the furniture or the art. Who says hand-me downs have to be lame?

I'm excited to share photos of what we've done with the rest of the house next time :)

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