Monday, 31 August 2015

Bread #1 (The Original No-Knead Bread)

It's begun! I've actually made no-knead bread before but thought I'd ease myself into this whole yeast challenge and start with something I'm slightly familiar with. This time I followed the original recipe created by Jim Lahey, a fancy pants baker in New York. The beauty about this recipe (aside from the obvious no kneading) is that you can forget about your rising dough for 3 days (like I did) and when you finally get around to baking it it still tastes amazing! In fact the longer you leave it the more sourdough flavour it develops, score!

I'm ridiculously impressed with this bread. I mean, look at it! One thing I did learn from this recipe though was that you never cut into the bread hot, you must always wait for it to cool completely or it will be all gummy inside. Who knew!

Here's the recipe I used if you wanna try it out for yourself! I used bread flour and found it better than when made with regular flour. 

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