Friday, 7 August 2015

The (DIY) Toddler Garden

Now that my mat leave is way over and I'm not going back to my full-time job, we've decided to take a couple of friends toddlers on for daycare in the fall! I'm excited for Iris to have some other kids her own age to play with during the day and to make some extra money while being to stay home with her. Now that it's getting closer to daycare Dave and I have been working on a few kid projects around the house. Here's our first one, the toddler garden! 

Iris is still too young to really understand gardening and growing things, but she does like digging, getting dirty, and scooping so we thought it would still be a great idea. All we had to do was dig up a small patch beside the patio and outline it with some dollar store garden edging. After that I just thrifted some garden tools and pinwheels for $2, added some small rocks and a little tree stump. 

Iris spent most of the time filling up the flower pots with dirt and dumping it on to the patio, but since the garden plot is right off the patio, all we have to do is sweep the dirt back into the garden when she's done, easy! 

The entire thing cost us a whopping $8, a good investment I'd say! I'm excited to use it in different ways, I'm thinking about making it really wet and muddy, or sticking things in it like popsicle sticks and fake flowers. When she's a bit older, we can plant some actual plants in it for her too. 

Love it! 

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