Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Made in Canada Etsy Event!

A few weekends ago I got to be the photographer for the Made in Canada Etsy event wooooot! I'm a huge fan of everything Etsy so it was pretty neat to wander around the whole day taking photos. If you were there, you know that line to get in was ridiculously long. CRAZY LONG! I think some people waited about an hour just to get into the building. Thank goodness it was nice out!

I had never done an event like this before so going into it I was really nervous. My worst fear was that the lighting inside was going to be awful thus making my job rather difficult. And what would you know, it was awful lighting inside (ha! figures!). There's nothing like facing those terrible lighting fears! It all worked out in the end though.

Anyway here are a few of the photos if you'd like to take a peek...

All in all a pretty neat way to spend a Saturday :)

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