Tuesday, 24 November 2015

My Weekday Brood

Well now I have two kids during the week that hang out with Iris and I, and so far, so good! I'm not going to lie, there has definitely been a day or two that has felt completely mad (kids won't sleep, Gus eating the snacks off the table, everyone dislikes the lunch I've made, fighting over the much coveted glitter wand) and I think to myself "What was I thinking?!" BUT for the most part, I'm really liking being at home with a little gang of toddlers.

With three now it makes going for our morning walk a bit more challenging as I have to put all of them in the wagon. And these kids are not light let me tell you. So instead we try to spend more time outside in the backyard. Des (the youngest) spends most of his time crawling around in big circles after Gus, Iris tries to climb anything she can find, and Henry divides his time on the slide and watching to make sure nobody touches his favourite toys while he's not using them. 

I've had a few people inquire about joining our brood but the truth is, even though legally I can take two more kids, I don't think I could handle it at this point. I feel like three is the perfect number for me right now. Who knows as they get older and they can get in and out of their chairs on their own, put their own coats and shoes on, then maybe I'd add some more to the gang. But right now I'm being honest with myself and what I can and want to handle. And three is where it's at :) 
(for now)

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