Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Making:  a small garden out back. We had to reign in our dream of three large in ground garden plots to just one this summer. I'm thinking a new baby and continuing with daycare may be a lot to take on already for this summer, even with Dave home too. 
Eating:   a lot of this amazing one-pot pasta. I'm addicted. 
Going:   to a lot of photoshoots! Trying to get as many in before I am so huge and can't bop around taking photos of small kids. I'm still going strong so far! 
Listening:  to Oh Pep! "Doctor Doctor" is my jam right now
Hoping:  the whole second birth thing is a little less crazy than last time. It's kinda stressing me out! I feel like I have a huge test coming up that I have yet to study for or something. 
Planning:  some small main floor renovations before the baby comes.  Our house has so many walls where there need not be walls so we're planning on removing a few non-structural ones to open up the main floor a bit. 
Trying:   to finish my quilt. I ran into some issues when I went to quilt it and now have to unstitch what I did and try again. Kinda frustrating but I'm so close to being done! 
Enjoying:  the weather. Omg the weather! I love having all the windows open and being outside all day
Excited: for Dave to be done work soon! Can't wait to be able to hang out with him all day and have an extra set of hands around here with the kids. Plus, adult conversation during the day! Totally took this for granted before! 
Grateful:  for afternoon naps and a job where I can actually take afternoon naps (most days at least!) 
Feeling: very content and excited for a whole bunch of things to come :) 

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