Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Whoa. That happened fast! Iris turned two on Monday so the weekend was spent doing many birthday things with family. Partying at two is so much cooler than one! This year she was so excited about cake and blowing out candles, opening presents and perhaps her favourite part was having everyone sing for her.

Here are a few photos from our celebration with Dave's family if you want to take a peek....

I know most of the time as a mama it's kinda bittersweet when your baby gets a year older, and even though I totally feel that way sometimes I can honestly say I'm loving the age she's at now. I love that we can actually talk to each other (kind of lol), that she loves to do the dishes with us, how her imagination is just off the charts all of a sudden, she has music preferences (Sia, Taylor Swift and "Marry Me Archie" by Alvvays) and how even though she's not a baby anymore, she still loves a good cuddle before bed. I just think this kid is the coolest!

Happy Birthday my darling! I can't wait to see how you take on life this year :)

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